Powerful and flexible online conference management tools specializing in paper management and scientific submission and review processes.

Planning a conference is hard.

Then there’s the added challenge of organizing a committee with people who have different schedules from across the globe.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a suite of tools that provided the help that you and your committee need to effectively streamline the
planning for your conference?

Let us introduce you to Linklings.

Linklings is a powerful and flexible online conference management tool that can be specifically configured for your event, from helping the conference planning committee members collaborate effectively, to supporting a wide variety of scientific submission and review workflows (including the most rigorous peer review processes), and everything in between.


Flexible Tools

Extremely flexible tools to support most any conference planning processes


Powerful Features

A wide assortment of powerful software features to choose from


Personal Support

Highly responsive and expert support that our clients rave about

Submission and Review Package

A paper management system that supports most any submission and review process, including the most rigorous peer review processes.


The number of submission and application types is limitless, each with a customizable submission form.
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Submission assignments can be made automatically or manually, and are easily trackable.
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A wide variety of review processes are supported, and any number of review roles can be created.
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A highly configurable and extensive decision making page that respects committee conflicts of interest.
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The powerful program tools provide flexibility when assembling the schedule.
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Export data to meet your specific need (i.e., website, printed program, mobile app, etc.).
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Committee Support Package

A feature-rich, internal-type website for conference committee members.

Committee Lists

Create organized and detailed member lists that make contact information easily obtainable.
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Mail Lists and Aliases

Create custom lists of email addresses for specific committees or individuals (such as committee chairs).
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Committee Document Archive

Online document storage and wiki pages to help with sharing and cross-year continuity.
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Committee Meeting Planning

Easily plan meetings, invite committee members, and track RSVPs for each meal and event.
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Infrastructure Package

Use your resources effectively to make the best possible setting for your presenters and attendees.

Conference Space Planning

An in-depth reservation tool for managing event space, including conflict and issue tracking.
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A/V Infrastructure Planning

Gather and manage all the audio/visual equipment needs of your event.
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Room Requirements

Capture furniture layout needs and attendance estimates to aid in room selection and arrangement.
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Signs Infrastructure

Ensure every sign detail is captured, from type, size, and design to installation and takedown times.
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Student Volunteer Duties

Somebody in need of a student volunteer? Gather requests and assign duties with this detailed tool.
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Additional Infrastructure Planning

Need to manage other infrastructure items? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
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This is just a sampling of what Linklings offers.

There is so much more. Want to know just how much more? Contact us to find out.
What our clients are saying...

Tried and True

15 years of experience with very large, extremely rigorous conferences. We also offer experience with large volunteer committees.

We enjoy working closely with our clients to establish workflows to meet their needs, including adapting and improving the software according to their unique processes.

Proudly Supporting


The philosophy behind our pricing is that we want to charge our clients proportionately to their usage. If you don’t use a module or feature of the site, you shouldn’t be charged for it. If you use some feature of the site only a little bit, you should be charged only a little bit. And since our software and services include many different features, there are many parameters to consider when measuring usage.

Submission and Review Package
for up to 500 Submissions

$125 per submission type (Papers, Posters, Panels, Applications, etc.) +

$30 per track (review categories, usually based on areas of interest) +

$4 per submission +

$6 per committee member +

$3 per referee (external reviewer, not on the committee)

Three Options for Over 500 Submissions

Options cover Submission and Review, Committee Support and Infrastructure Packages

Option #1

Support for Site Admin

  • Linklings provides:
  • *Technical support to your site admin
  • Your Site Admin provides:
  • *Site configuration
  • *Site management
  • *Technical support to site users
Option #3

Full Site Administration

  • Linklings provides:
  • *Technical support to all site users
  • *Site administration
  • *Site configuration
  • *Site management
  • No other site administrator necessary

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